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Studio (brick-wall type)

Studio layout
Floor plan【Click here to see an enlarged view.】Front plan【Click here to see an enlarged view.】

Studio (with a white screen)

In this studio, you can freely use various paper screens (2.72 m wide each), as well as those of Gothic and brick types, and a sand wall as background to suit your taste. In the afternoon, you can enjoy shooting in the sunlight from an eastward window. If you do not want such situation, a roll screen can be used to block the sunlight.
Four types of paper screens ? black, white, pink and red ? can be currently used, and we are going to prepare other screens to meet and respond to the various needs of our clients. The studio is equipped with various equipment including lighting facilities essential for shooting, and all equipment can be used at no extra charge. (*Click here to see an item list.) The studio, which is completely air-conditioned, can be utilized throughout the year regardless of the time of the day.


Studio (with a sand wall)

Studio (with a counter)      Powder room

Roof Floor

Roof floor ------------------------- Below is a station road.

roof001.jpgroof001.jpgUpstairs is a roof floor, which is as large as the studio, and can be used at no extra fee.
(*Please use the roof floor with great caution because there is no railing in the space.)